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The Cincy Hat - White (Black Logo)

The Cincy Hat - White (Black Logo)

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The Cincy Hat was created as a gift to give my teammates. people kept asking where they could buy the hat but I vowed to never make profit off of it because it didn't feel right. The Cincy Hat demand got so high, that we've decided to make a limited batch and sell them to raise money for my charity of choice, The Village of Merici.

All hats are manufactured and embroidered by Imperial Headwear. They are incredibly high-quality and are built to last.

All sales are final and we unfortunately cannot accept returns. Thank you for supporting a great cause! 

Return policy

Unfortunately we cannot accept returns or refunds. If you received a defective hat, please let us know and we will ship you a new one!


The first 1,200 hats ordered should be in the week of 11/28 and shipped shortly after! The remaining hats will be backordered. Doing everything we can to get hats delivered before Christmas but unfortunately cannot make any promises!

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